Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Suggestions For New Topics

Since it seems I am the only one that can start a new Topic let me know what you would like to talk about.
Ether with a comment here or by email


  1. I have gotten your MK484 to pick up shortwave as high as 7 Mhz, I'm sure it was in oscillation, but it worked. I like to use 1,000 ohm hearing aid receivers with your MK484.

    100k AGC 1k or receiver
    +-/\/\/---------+--/\/\/--O +1.5v
    42uH| _______ |
    \\\ | 2| |1 |
    | +--+----| MK484 |--+--||--O audio RCA jack
    | ( | |_______| | 0.1u
    ) ( _|/ |3 |
    ) ( --- 365p | _|_
    ) ( | | ---0.04u
    _|_ +--+ | |
    - _|_ | |
    ant --- .01u | |
    opt | | |

    1. My diagram needs to be in terminal font to see, sorry.

    2. Hi mrdovie
      Thanks for the information. You are correct the schematic is no legible.
      If it was oscillating then maybe you are mixing say 3.5 MHz with 7 MHz giving a 3.5 MHz feed to the input of the MK484 (its upper limit).
      Maybe you can make a hand drawing and email it to me. So I can post it. I do not know if you can paste a picture in the post.

  2. I think a good topic to start is what to do about all the problems we have receiving on the AM band. I had a portable radio going on the AM band and all I could hear was a bzzzz just about everywhere I tuned. I went around turning off and unplugging everything, and nothing helped until I unplugged the AC adapter for my P-Touch labeler. Finally I could hear some stations without the bzzz.

    I got some Sylvania 1N450 Germanium xtal diodes from for two for a buck. They look just like the old 1N34 diodes with the heavy glass case and metal ends. Thanks for the antique radio site & blog.


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